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about me

hey, I am anand and I thank you for visiting this page.

“earthtones” evolved purely out of personal interest and strong passion for tourism.

with over 2 decades of experience in product, operations and customer service, I have been personally involved in curating and operationalising bespoke itineraries across the world.

Do call me on 9322655088 and let us explore your idea of a vacation.

our story

the name:

earthtones derives its name from the natural colours and hues of mother earth in its originality.

The name reflects the values that we proudly carry in our approach towards every guest; that of care, integrity and responsibility.

It also reflects our philosophy of providing the best guest experiences not just on the vacation but right at the planning stage.

who are we:

earthtones is a comprehensive classical tourism institution. We provide end to end solutions for all your tourism requirements.

We have a very simple and a logical approach to tourism. Our knowledge is vast and we love to impart that knowledge to all our guests even as we involve them in the entire planning process.

This is what we do best and are passionate about.

India tours

India is a beautiful and bamboozling place, an endless fascinating country that is often challenging and always surprising

Stretched between the golden beaches of the Indian Ocean and the Snow-capped peaks of the Himalayan mountains lies and incredible tapestry of natural and man-made wonders, astounding temples, mystical monasteries, frenetic cities, pristine national parks, lavish palaces, lost kingdoms, mesmerising markets, and some of the world’s most iconic monuments.

Our country in itself is an assault on its senses. Sights, Sounds and sensations are all at maximum intensity. One can spend a lifetime exploring the country with its dramatic landscapes, which range from tiger filled forests to frozen Himalayan deserts.

  • the oceans - Andamans & Lakshadweep
  • a slice of royalty - Rajasthan
  • the mountains - Kashmir, North East, Himachal, Uttarakhand
  • down south - Kerala & Karnataka

world tours

each international destination may be once in a lifetime.

breathe in the sights and sounds of each location; discover surprises; experience the beautiful but unfamiliar surroundings and become a part of the culture of places that you visit.

we inspire you to see more at one place rather than spending time in travelling and seeing less and multiple places enroute the course of your tour.

  • peek around the corner - Sri Lanka, UAE (Dubai), Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal
  • within Asia - Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea
  • continent less travelled - South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Mauritius
  • simply Europe - UK & Schengen countries
  • down under - Australia & New Zealand

our philosophy

what we do:

we breathe tourism!

we customise and organise tours to your requirement!

we make it comfortable and convenient!

our USP:

we provide wholesome solutions to all your tourism needs.

our Investment is purely on quality guest experiences and thrive purely on word of mouth references, something that ensures we deliver on their trust time and again. all our vacations are customised and executed seamlessly.

...and since you are here, we would love you to involve us in sharing your idea of a vacation.

find us:

E 202, Shankara Colony, Lokhande Marg, Chembur, Mumbai - 400043



- +919322655088


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